:: DESIGN   Pricing

"The art of a magician is to create wonder. If we live with a sense of wonder, our lives become filled with joy."― Doug Henning

All the cards are on the table and no hidden fees are to be found. Graphic Design solutions that help give you the extra boost to promote your business along with highly affordable and cost-effective web design options. If there is something you are interested in and not found here, just ask and I will work with you on making it appear before your very eyes.

With an extensive knowldege of graphic design along with front end web development will give you the edge your business needs.



30 minute Phone Consultation - $20.00  
60 minute Phone Consultation - $40.00  
All Consultations include a in depth evaluation of any work needed before the consultation.
All Clients notified if any attional cost will be added before hand.

Logo & Print Design

• Original Logo Design
3 Options-3 Revisions— $40
• Redesign Vector— $40

• Tri-Fold Brochure
8.5"x11" Double Sided —$60
• 8.5"×11" Flyer
One Sided — $40
• Business Card — $30
• Letterhead & Envelope —$75
• Double-Sided Postcard —$60
• Rack Card
2 Sided — $40
• CD Cover —$40
• Invitations —$40
• Poster or Signage —$40
• Restaurant Menu 4 page —$100
• Presentation Folder —$100
• Vehicle Signage —$50 and up

Web Design

Single Page —$300
Up to 5 pages —$500
Up to 10 pages— $700
$50 per additional page

Paypal Cart (25 items)— $300
GoDaddy Shopping Cart
(GoDaddy Price Per Month)

Single Page —$400
Up to 5 pages —$600
Up to 10 pages —$750
$50 per additional page

Text Changes or Revisions— $10
Image Gallery
Additions/Removals— $25



May be billed per half hour. Clients may need on hands help with some implementation of  items and that will be agreed upon before beginning.


Request for files to be created and sent to an outside marketing source with specifications to needed output for production will be subject to a $5 minimum charge for time spent to create and send the files. These are files that may be needed in the production of t-shirts, signage, and other promotional items.

* Please note that the pricing above is a guideline and for the design only. Some projects may require more or less time and effort and prices may have to be adjusted to reflect that. All work is subject to a bundle charge if done at one time with all information needed to complete requests. If you are working within a defined budget, solutions can be negotiated.

KILL FEE: Cancelation of any work is subject to charge. If a 50% deposit was made, it will be retained to cover time spent. If any project was discussed
and begun without completion within one month due to client  a $35 Kill Fee will be required to be paid in full and is not subject to refund.
But this may be applied as credit if work is completed. We hope you understand.


:: HOSTING & More

Now you see it, now you don’t is not something you want in choosing a web host. Down time is not an option and you are only good if your site is with a reliable host. In the past 20 years I have worked with many different hosts for clients. I choose to partner with GoDaddy for all web site products and services.
provides affordable web hosting to accommodate all hosting needs. Additional services include domain name processing/registration, email, and SSL certificate setup.

You can choose from a wide range of domain and hosting solutions to fit your business needs and budget. Visit Shop.MagicSiteDesign.com to get started.