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"Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen."Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

With a 30-year career in the Design Industry the part that makes it all worthwhile is YOU! I never tire of meeting new clients and hearing their stories and business dreams. I can offer everything you need for a startup business or long-time business that needs updating or complete make-over. As an expert in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and file management makes it easy for you to work with one person for the services listed below and in turn saving time and money along the way.

Web Development

Steal the Show
You can trust my experience and knowledge in the web design process to showcase your business, products and services in its best light and therefore increase search results. Your online presence must reflect your integrity and vision for your business. Every site I build is unique to each client, engaging, and designed to welcome customers.

Front-End Web Development
Responsive, Bootstrap, search-engine-friendly, industry standard compliant programs and techniques. I use CSS-based, table-less designs for maximum scalability and keeping the look and feel consistent regardless of what device it is viewed on. Clients are unable to make their own changes. Updates and changes are made for a small fee.

Back-End Web Development

WordPress is a Content Management System or CMS type of website used by large corporations as well as DIY individuals or businesses with basic computer skills and html knowledge. Started as a blogging platform, WordPress has been an open source option since 2003. If a WordPress website is for you each client is responsible to learn WordPress, so you know how to use and maintain the website.

Graphic Design

Logo Design
As a graphic designer I know the importance of a professional logo to represent your business. I work closely with each client for a logo that will be a combination of your vision and my talent to perfectly illustrate just who you are. Designing an identity that will translate across all print and digital media is the goal.

All logos are created in Adobe Illustrator in vector format so they can be used for any marketing output needed from business cards to billboards.

Print Design
Brochures, flyers, magazines, catalogues, door hangers, cd covers and direct mail postcards- I have designed them all. If you have a special promotional marketing idea, I can help. There are so many options out there for businesses to market themselves. Just find the one that is best for you. Do not forget display space banners and complementory signage for trade shows, exhibits and more.

I work with the best printers and provide you with a design you can order so you are assured of a cost-effective quality product that will help you stand out in a crowd.


Don’t  Break this Rule
To maintain a strong, uniform brand identity across media channels it is important to establish a look and style that is easily recognized. The #1 Rule in marketing is CONSISTENCY and that should translate across all print materials and digital media. From the logo design, to the website and all forms of Social Media and print marketing I can help you not break that rule.

Copywriting – Get it Right!
Google tells you that the content for a website is one way to help you get recognized. The expression around the web is “Content is King”. Writing copy for a website is not like other types of writing. The hardest thing for clients sometimes is to write or talk about their business. I have found it easier to conduct phone or personal interviews to ask the questions that need to be answered for what is needed in website content. The marketing mindset of the day is….” What will your product or service do for me?” And that question needs to be answered in every way across all channels.

A Marketing Strategy
Every business should have a marketing plan. A website is just one tool to market your business. Then along with that, your preference for print and other digital marketing sources should be explored and implemented with budget kept in mind. It may take some trial and error for the right combination. Together we can work on a marketing plan tailored to fit your business.

The SBA has some great insight available for business marketing plans here.

SEO/Social Media

A Must Have
This is no time to be invisible. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gets you noticed and Social Media is how we communicate personally and professionally. It would be nice to wave a magic wand and Voilà, be number one on Google. Google states that no one should ever guarantee your web site will be ranked number one. They do, however, give tools to optimize your site to increase visibility. Your domain name is the place to start. That and the art of good web design, content and structure is essential.

Social Networking works along with your web site. You know your business better than anyone so you must communicate and answer those five questions of Who? (you are and who do you want to target). What? (is it you are trying to communicate or sell). Why? (should someone want to buy the product or services. When? (can I get the product or service). Where? (can I get this product or service).

I use Google recommended SEO practices so that your site will not be banned or penalized. Search Engine Optimization is not Hocus Pocus, but an ever-changing science and you need someone to keep up with the very latest information. Never a Black Hat or Gray Hat production here.

Google, Facebook and other ADS
If you feel the need to further your reach with Google or Facebook Ads, I can help. This is something that needs to be done professionally and well thought out for the best ROI. I partner with Red Leaf in Titusville, FL for any needed Google or Social Media Ads.
Red Leaf Website Design & Hosting

:: GOOGLE Tools

Every website I design is Google verified and listed in my Google Webmaster Tools account. Google then notifies me if there is anything than needs to be changed or fixed. I do not do any analytics but that can be obtained through an outside firm or through the LOCAL firm I trust and partner with. With a good foundation and team effort, Sim Sala Bim your social media coordinated along with your website and marketing strategy will postition your business for success.